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We are pleased to present this offering. These Aramith G1 sets have come to us from the Yarraville Billiards and Snooker Club recently. Some of the best Australian and Oceana players have use them and won various ranking titles at the Reventon Centre. You now can purchase them exclusively here on the 888 Consignment forum. 

Let's call it straight, the ugly... The cases are what we would call poor through to fair. Cases belonging to sets 3 (Set 3 now sold), 4 and 6 are missing one plastic foot and case 6 is also missing the handle. All cases are come with character, that being scratches and various dings and dents. Some have slight cracks and other damage but all are fit for purpose and carry balls. The slight variations in price are totally due to the case conditions.

The ball are all in excellent playing condition, hence why we are offering them.

Yes, the great news is that the balls themselves are in what we would call excellent condition. They are used, not mint or new, but the are all in A grade condition and will play as intended for many years to come for their new astute owners. They have been inspected individually and ready to go, the cases have done their job well however they are genuine club balls which may present with minor imperfections. Please purchase new balls if perfect condition balls and case are required. No refunds or swaps will be offered and pick up with inspection prior to purchase is highly recommended.

Postage added at check out and no refunds are available for consignment listings.

Weight 4.8KG

Length - 38cm

Width - 30cm

Depth - 8cm

Extensive photos added below and if you have any questions or would like to make a bulk offer, please email enquiry@888asiapacific.com

Like all our consignment offerings, once they are gone they are gone.