"888 Exclusive" Century Pro Cue Tips | G1, G2, G3, G4, Sample | 10 - 11mm

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Scientifically tested, premium quality, single layer pressed leather cue tip. Made from Grade A+ leather for optimum consistency, playability and feedback on every shot. Discover your perfect cue tip for life with Century Pro Cue Tips.

Each G1 - G4 box contains 4 tips, as does the Sample Pack which contains one of each of the G1 - G4 tips.

Once you discover Century Pro Cue Tips, you will never look back. Please note Century Pro Cue Tips have transitioned to 11mm tips so what is listed here on the 10mm varieties are the last remaining of our stock. Once they are gone, they are gone. 

All genuine Century Pro Cue Tips come with Q Code technology as well as "Void Seal" so that you can be 110% sure you are buying the genuine product. Check out Century's stockist page where you will find 888 as Exclusive Distributor.


Discover Century Pro Cue Tips 

Many snooker cue tips today are available in a variety of grades; typically, soft, medium and hard. However, within each of these categories it is common for tip characteristics to vary greatly, which inevitably leads to them all playing differently. In other words, buying the same grade does not ensure the same playing experience. Century Pro Cue Tips are different. As pioneers in our field, we are the first company worldwide to implement a unique scientific manufacturing process, designed to test and grade Cue Sport tips. Every Century Pro Cue Tip is therefore guaranteed to provide a consistent playing experience.


There are 4 grades to choose from within the Century Pro range:

• G1
 = Softer Feel

• G2 = Medium Feel

• G3 = Medium to Hard Feel

• G4 = Hard Feel

• G5 = Custom Super Hard Feel


Century Pro Cue Tips are available in boxes of four, or in a special Sample Box containing one of each grade enabling players to easily discover which tip best suits their game.



Why Choose Century Pro Tips?


• Premium Quality, Single Layer Grade A+ Leather

• Unique Manufacturing Process

• Every Tip Scientifically Tested

• Same Grade Tip In Every Box Guaranteed

• Optimum Consistency, Playability & Feedback

• Quality Is Assured



Exclusive to 888 Cues Sports in Australia, and NZ.

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