Century Pro Tip File

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Century Pro Tip File is a must have item for any snooker/pool player. Custom made by ourselves with the player in mind. Keep your Century Pro Cue Tip in perfect condition. Fit, shape with ease and play!

Century Pro Tip File (T/F)


This handy custom made tip file is a must have for any snooker/pool player. The file fits easily into any snooker/pool cue case and included, is a protective luxury velvet case the file neatly fits into to protect your cue from been marked or damaged while in transit. You will easily get used to using the file as its compact design allows it to fit in the hand with ease and the file is well weighted so you can feel what you are doing with it. This is a one time purchase item, and will last you a lifetime if you look after it well. 



How To Use?


We are all aware that fitting tips can be a testing experience if you are not used to doing it. What is even more difficult is using the correct tool to file and shape your tip. We have designed Century Pro Tip File in a way to help the shaping process. We its dime shaped curvature, shaping is made relatively a simple process. After fitting your tip, you will be ready to start the shaping process. With light downward brush strokes and never in an upward direction, use the file to first, remove the top layer of fibres. Be careful at this stage as the file is very abrasive. Second, shape your tip to your desired playing shape. Your Century Pro Tip File can also be used to lightly rough up the tip if you see it has glazed over due to constant impact. If glazing occurs, we simply use the file to tap the top of the tip. This is all that is needed. There is no need to take further layers off you CC tip, as this may effect the tips playability. 


Remember, There is no need to press on hard when using the tip file. You don't want to damage the fine interwoven fibres at the top of your tip. Gently use your CC file to obtain your perfect tip shape and desired tip height. 



Benefits Of Using Century Pro Tip File?


• Last A Lifetime 

• Shape Your CC Tip With Ease 

• Can Be Used With Any Grade Of CC Tips 

• Bring Life Back Into Your CC Tip 

• Fits Into Any Snooker/Pool Cue Case

• Luxury Velvet Carry Case Included   

• Custom Made By CC


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