Century Pro Cue Towel

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Century Pro Cue Towel

The new Century Pro Cue Towel has an innovative double-sided design which not only removes grease and sweat but also gently polishes your precious cue for that optimum, silky playing feel. Easier to carry around and store inside a cue case compared with conventional bulky towels, it’s the perfect addition to your CC range of cue sport accessories.


Why Choose CC’s Cue Towel

• Innovative double-sided design
• Effectively removes grease & sweat
• Won’t effect the grain of any cue
• Polishes for a silky finish
• Easy to carry (fits into any cue case)
• Can be used on any playing cue
• Super light weight

35x35x0.1cm - Beige


How To Use CC Cue Towel

CC cue towel is two sided. One side is smooth and the other side feels rough to the touch. We advise to use the smooth side to remove, sweat and grime off your cue. Turn the towel over to polish and finish the cue.


Washing Instructions

Hand wash only with cold water and no detergent. Leave to air dry.


Exclusive to 888 Cue Sports in Australia, and NZ.

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