Century Pro Tip Safe

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A unique compact multi purpose device designed to protect your spare CC Tips from all harsh environmental factors. Century Pro Tip Safe can also be used as a tip scuffer/shaper.

Century Pro Tip Safe (T/S)


A two in one compact multi purpose device designed to carry 3 spare CC tips and double up as a tip scuff and shaper. This unique little gadget is hermetically sealed to protect your CC tips from all harsh elements. Perfect if you are a snooker/pool player or a travelling player, where humidity changes can effect your tips. Easy to carry in your snooker/pool cue case and can fit into your pocket or waistcoat for ease of use. 



How To Use?


Over time and due to constant impact, all tips can glaze over. So we have designed the tip scuff/ shaper part to be used when this happens. Simply hold the Century Pro Tip Safe lightly onto your tip. Rotate in a clockwise motion and turn a few times only. Your CC tip will be brought immediately back to life and ready to hold chalk better and play as though it was just fitted. Simple and easy to use and should be a part of every players tip maintenance and tip protection kit. 


Remember, There is no need to press on hard when using the tip scuff/ shaper. You don't want to damage the fine interwoven fibres at the top of your tip! 



Benefits Of Using Century Pro Tip Safe?


• Multi Purpose Device

• Tip Protection, Tip Scuff/ Shaper   

• Hermetically Sealed Unit

• Protect Your CC Tips From All Harsh elements.

• Storage For 3 Spare CC Tips 

• Bring Your CC Tips Back To Life

• Custom Made By CC 


Exclusive to 888 Cues Sports in Australia, and NZ.

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