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The I Ching is one of the oldest books known to mankind. It is also the greatest gift one can realize in lifes journey. It is the basis for all things in the known and unknown universe, including Binary language and DNA coding.

It has capacity to raise our collective consciousness and our individual consciousness through patterns and frequency. 

It is said that the I Ching dates back some 3000 BC, to the reign of the emperor Fu Hsi, inventor of the original trigrams. It is an oracle that charts the flow of yin and yang energies, revealing the higher order of the universe. It is also a book of Taoist philosophy offering guidance to conduct and procedure as we make our way through this journey. 

It is a book to both reflect and with which one can interact. Ask the book a question through this forum, and the I will respond through 64 archetypal images, called Hexagrams, offering its advise. That is why the I is called teacher or oracle.

The sixty-four hexagrams are all possibilities, circulating within our beings and the universes at any given time. By invoking the power of the I Ching, one can gain insight and clarity around any question they lay bare. The timing of the I Ching hexagram holds an important key to the consultation and plays a part in the Tai Tao Foundation information outcome.

This is a book of messages and ideas, expressed in images and word to which one can draw on for guidance.

The seeker is guided personally by Sifu Benjamin who has himself been a sage of the great book for over two decades. Sifu has developed consultation methodologies that offer insight into the reply that are not found elsewhere.

Bookings are essential and the seeker will need to set aside approx 2 hours for the initial interaction or casting (either by video link or in person) and then after the advise is composed is free to take as long as needed to understand against their question.

The Tai Tao Foundation wishes to be clear, we are happy to offer our experience and expertise to guide your question and this is a quick and easy way to gain access to decades of experience in doing so for the seeker. This opportunity is to seek guidance on a singular question of utter importance to your journey and the purchase of will result in contact being made to organize a mutually suitable time slot and to discuss preparations required.

We would prefer that you start your own journey of understanding into the secrets of the I. It is a gift that is openly and freely available to you if you choose but to look yourself.