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888 Cue Sports Vinyl Table Covers come in a wide variety of sizes, colour and style options. These are detailed below and are available for selection from the drop down menu's.

These Table Covers are great quality, hard wearing and they offer excellent protection to your table. They are made from a heavy duty Vinyl so are easy to fit and remove for play as required.


  • Available in Classic Black
  • 7ft     Fitted cover
  • 8ft     Fitted cover
  • 9ft     Fitted cover
  • 10ft   Fitted cover
  • 12ft   Fitted cover
  • 7ft     Fitted full length cover (820mm drop - show in main image)
  • 8ft     Fitted full length cover (820mm drop)
  • 9ft     Fitted full length cover (820mm drop)
  • Available in Burgundy, Blue or Green
  • 7ft     Black fitted cover
  • 8ft     Black fitted cover
  • 9ft     Black fitted cover

Please select your options carefully from the drop down menus.

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